About Green Charms

A more beautiful world
In 2015 Eveline Reijenga started Green Charms. Originally she worked as a teacher and professional in Communications and PR, but she felt the urge to do something more practically which could also contribute to a more beautiful world. In the Hague she got to know the first natural hair dresser in the Netherlands and she realized it was possible to even dye grey hair with plant colors.
She worked for half a year in the salon of  Robbert van de Horst (two times winner of the hairdressers Awards in the Netherlands. After that she attended several hairdressers courses: for basic hair dressing and advanced. She attends regularly courses to keep updated abput the modern hair cuts and technics. In 2015 she attended a workshop from Oliebe for hair dying with plants. In the following years she worked as a mobile hair dresser in the United Kingdom and really learned to work with the plants colors. Her passion is to show how you can be beautiful in a natural way. Oh, and let’s even say it more clearly, it’ the most effective way to stay beautiful in a natural way!

Apart from working as a hair dresser, Eveline is also natural food adviser, photographer, website-maker and text writer.