Hair colour or quality, or… both?!

Hair dye with plants!

When I saw the picture of Polly Higgins with her beautiful hair, it reminded me of how my hair used to look like when I was a young girl: thick, vivid, shining.

And now… it was dry, dull and not even close to what it used to be. Strange, I thought, because I was doing everything I could… I was using quite expensive shampoo, moisturizer, wax oil… And I styled it very carefully with a blowdryer…

Maybe it was the chemical colouring of my hair or the products I used?

What if I started to stop the chemical colouring? Looking at Polly’s hair, you can see it is natural, because of some fine grey hairs. So, I began to think about what is more important to me:  quality or colour?

My hair now

Of course both are more or less important! But I decided I would rather do some concessions on the colour than the quality…
I went to a natural hairdresser in The Hague and… what a surprise: I found out that you could also dye your hair with plant colours in a satisfying way! Even with the possibility of hiding the grey hairs! So doing concessions wasn’t even neccessairy at all!

So I started to colour my hair with plant colours and I also started to use organical products without all the bad additives. Slowly my hair began to look better and better again. Thicker and not dry anymore.

And I’m slowly starting to feel as that girl again…

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