Hair dying with plants

Natural hair dying with plants

Green Charms uses 100% natural products. That means that we don’t use any harmful ingredients whatsoever. Instead we use:

  • Shampoo soap
  • Coconut oil or Argan oil
  • 100 % plant coloring

    natural plant coloring

In most so called organic products there are still harmful ingredients inside, so your hair doesn’t really benefit from that.

With plant coloring it’s also possible to cover grey hair, although sometimes a double coloring might be necessary. It is not possible to lighten your hair more than one tone.

The benefits of plant coloring are:

  • A more natural hair look because it mixes with your own hair color, so all the natural nuances in your hair will still be there
  • A better hair quality: The plant hair coloring will not only leave your hair intact but will even improve your hair quality. If you want to have some more information about the brand we use: Oliebe (German) or Oliebe (Dutch)
  • Better for you and better for the planet! You don’t get chemicals in your body like when using the ‘normal’ hair dying products. There is almost no waste and it doesn’t harm our drinking water.