Don’t forget your gloves!

Nettles & Banana smoothie

This morning I picked some fresh beautiful nettles. Nettles clean the blood and are rich in vitamins C en E, protein and minerals, especially iron. Good enough for a healthy breakfast.

Ingredients (for around 2 well sized glasses)
SAMSUNG– 1 or 2 bananas
– 30/40 tops of nettles
– 1 good slice of ginger
– 1 handfull of nuts and raisins
– 2 spoons of line seeds
– 1 large teaspoon of coconut oil
– 2 teaspoons of chorella powder
– around 2 glasses of water

How simple is this! Pick some fresh young nettles (about thirty, only the tops of them with the four upper leaves). Then overtrow them with boiled water so that the bristles soften and become edible. After that rinse them with cold water. Then first peel the banana and break it into large chunks to make it fit for the blender. Then add the nettles and the other ingredients. And finally pour the water and blend until it reaches your desired consistency.